Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaNo - Home stretch & Excerpt *ADULT*

Soooooo.....It's the final week. Miranda and Nate are officially cross eyed with lust. And seriously...so is Tara. This..as a female..is not the good week for me to be writing all this lusty stuff. I'm a mess. Seriously, I need a husband or BF to take all this pent up frustration out on.


Between the sleep deprivation, the sore back, the bleeding fingers and the eye strain, I figure a rockin' orgasm is just what a I need.


That or a vacation.


PSSSST....I prefer the orgasm. So does Miranda. If you'd like a taste...

Cross Purposes: Excerpt

She arched up against him, their bodies brushing everywhere. His wide hand cupped her jaw and the angle changed. With each thrust she felt cried out until his mouth covered hers. His tongue was just as relentless. His other hand pressed low on her belly, their bodies so tight together that all she could focus on was the fullness.

Her thighs screamed at the position, her nails bit into his hand as his fingertips found where they were joined. She pulled away from his mouth as the release hit her, the cry as profound as the quaking orgasm that shook her.

His growl of completion was followed by a quick nip at her shoulder kickstarting another wracking shudder. They both crashed into the blanket, him curling her into the crook of his body. Sweat slick flesh and breath stealing awareness had her at a loss. She couldn’t catch her breath. “Nate,” she said on a pant.

“Shh, honey.” He surrounded her, arms and legs cupping her closer. The emotions were alone in the comfort this time, instead of the body slamming sex. His long arms covered her midsection completely, keeping her from touching the cool earth or the scratchy wool. He sat up with her. “Don’t close off, stay with me.” His mouth caught hers in a sweet kiss. “Stay with me.”

She straddled him, her fingers sliding into his hair, her arms up to cradle his head. She focused on his eyes as her breathing evened. “I’m sorry.”

“I hope you can trust me with the reason behind the panic attacks,” he sighed, “It’s okay, don’t tense up on me. It doesn’t have to be today.”

She shook her head. She wasn’t about to give him all of it, but the dark was enough to make her want to share a little. “My past was less than…” she trailed off, closing her eyes against the eager openness of his gaze. “I—“ she looked down at the shallow darks and lights of his chest, “I get so out of control around you. I don’t handle it well.”

His quirky smile flashed in the night. “Watching you come so hard, experiencing the way you let go with me is humbling.” He kissed the crest of each cheek, standing with her in his arms. “Why don’t we get dressed and get you home. You can think on the ride home if you still want me to stay, or you have only to say the word and I’ll leave you alone.”

She nodded as he lowered her to the ground. Self conscious, she pulled up the jeans that never even made it off her ankles.

Being bad feels good, that’s why. I knew you’d remember eventually.

She searched the blanket and the surrounding grass and pine needles looking for her bra. Giving up she tugged on her shirt, her eyes nearly crossing as the cotton brushed against her sensitized nipples. Sweet Pete, it was going to be a long ride home. Under veiled eyes, she watched Nate dress. The thermal stretched over his shoulders and chest, the denim molding to his thighs. Nope, that’s enough of that.

Shrugging her jacket back on, she rolled up the blanket, their scent mingling with the wool and the night. She’d never be able to look at the blanket again. Picking their way back down to the make believe path, she took his hand gratefully. Thankfully he stayed quiet as they suited up and climbed onto the bike.

He pulled into the night, onto the bridge and headed back to her house. The view even from the bridge was breathtaking. She leaned into his back, into the turns and let herself enjoy the closeness.

Go faster.

She closed her eyes against the voice and just held on. She was damn well going fast enough. Pressing her cheek against Nate’s back she locked her fingers around his waist. Smiling as he covered them with his bigger hand.

As they pulled up to her door, she pointed toward the back. Sitting back against the mini seat, she told him how to get into her garage. Punching keys on her alarm system she locked up for the night. Her legs weren’t nearly so wobbly this time as she hopped off his bike. Her eyes widened at the enormity of how sore she was, though. Sweet Pete. She swallowed and headed toward the elevator, Nate close behind.

“Am I walking you to your door?”

She looked up at him, waiting for the doors to open. “Yup.”

“Am I leaving?”


His eyes shuttered in the dim light of the garage. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

She stepped on the elevator. “I think that can be arranged,” she grabbed his hand and pulled him inside the car. “Since you’re not leaving until tomorrow.”

He caged her against the wall of the elevator. “You are a tease.”

She smiled up at him, easy for the first time in as long as she could remember. “You have no idea, delivery boy.” At his delighted laugh, she tugged him out of the elevator as it dinged. Walking backwards down her hallway, she twisted her fingers around his. “So, Nate…do you cook breakfast?”

“Why, yes I do.”

She dug for her key and opened it, dragging him inside. “Now that is what I like to hear.”


Friday, November 21, 2008

Yes....I am one of these people

I've been waiting...and waiting...and. *sigh* I'm nervous to watch it because I actually read the book. LOL I'm still going though. And yes I'm 33, what of it, dammit?!



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crawling into Day 18 - Night Owl Says G'night!

Okay, so I'm not completely caught up. I choked on the love scene for awhile.

I think I'd prefer to choke on Nate. Ahem. Don't go there Tara. Anyway...the word count is closer to goal. I'm sitting pretty at 25K as I finally lay my head down.

Squirming a little as I head to dreams.

TMI? Perhaps. But that's usually when I know I've written a HOT scene. If I'm turned on, then usually my readers are. And that keeps the pages turning. *-*

<----*sigh* Nate's abs got some action tonight as well as those low slung jeans. *GROWL* Too bad that wasn't my little Miranda Model behind him. Oh well...enjoy the abs and the V. That's what I did. *-*

Tomorrow CH9 has a definite goal in my head. I should probably start on it now that it's fresh in my head, but I want to percolate a little more. I wrote myself notes, so it should be enough for now. I'm finally delving into Miranda's backstory with a little help from some email that I check daily about my favorite guys.

That's all I'm saying.


Off to dreams. Wrote 3500 words today. Not bad if I do say so myself.


Monday, November 17, 2008

13 Days LEFT! Gah!

It's coming in on CRUNCH TIME!!

13 days ---barely---left!

I'm struggling to get to that 28K mark today, I tell you. *sigh* I'm falling short, but I'm focused on this...but it's my first sex scene in the NaNo.

I'm usually good at these. I'm stressing myself out about it!

Okay, going to listen to something sexy and hope to freakin' God it works!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Midway NaNo Laugh

Okay...so I needed a laugh. Especially when I'm currently 6K behind the curve here.

Writing weekend! WHOOHOO!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slumpy 2nd week

ARGH! Gotta help me out here Nate. I'm in that awful space Chris B mentioned from NaNo. I've got my characters and they're moving along.

But the story has got to get in there too. Not just those quipy banter scenes that make me laugh.


Max...out of my supporting cast.

I know he'll need to be adjusted in the final version. he's a little too snarky gay guy right now, but dammit, he's fun.


Now...I've moved into the Sexual Tension of things with Miranda and Nate. She's fighting it as she should, but hell on wheels, it's hard as hell to not toss them into bed at this point.

I could.

It's a Blaze book, but it just doesn't feel right yet. So, I'm totally cheating and having her do a crazy sexy dream.

And I think it's got a great little twist to it. BICHOK.

Go write it Tara.

Yes, so I'm going to write it. Off to Miranda's apartment.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

NaNo & The STOOPID Wordcount

SanFran downtown - my current spot in my NaNo. Still unnamed. Man, I hate naming my stories. GROWL

I have a love/hate relationship with the little wordcounter at the bottom of my page.

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it when I'm typing away and see the little guy catch up to me with CHUNKS of numbers skipping by.

I HATE IT when it's staring at me. Taunting me.

Taaaara, you didn't meet goal yesterday -- BICHOK!

Taaaarrrrraaa, turn off the internet. You have no self control.
Turn off the bloody EMAIL because you have no self control.


Going to my first RWA meeting tomorrow for the local chapter. God, help me.

I'll post about that tomorrow.

8471 words to date.

Blah! NEEEEEEED 11,669 before I go to bed. ARGH!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 5 officially down!


Hello all! 5 days down and I'm rockin' it on time with word count! Whoohoo!
Celebrate with tunage!


Saturday, November 1, 2008


Look up.
It even says it in turquois and brown with sparkles. LOL!

Holy Hanna! Here we go! It's finally started. I'm buzzing through my character chart and setting up to write.


Ready to hurl.

Yeah, that about covers it!

Nate and Miranda here I come!


LaNora *sigh*

So, I've been feeling sorry for myself and very blah lately about the whole writing thing--7 mins from this woman and I'm feeling better already. I can't stress enough how much I love, adore and admire this woman. SERIOUSLY.

Babble on...

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