Saturday, January 31, 2009

Progress 1.31.09

Finished HOME laaaaaate last, this morning. LOL 2500 words in all.
So pretty good work there. Working on the next bonus chapter on Sunday before our chat.

Played around with Nate a bit again--but still--he alludes me. PFFFFFTT.

I'm completely stuttering stupid about this WD thing.

How the freakin' HELL am I going to write a story in 4000 wds?! I'm toooooo freakin' long winded!
PFFFT. That's going to be interesting. LOL


Careless Whisper (Gah!)

Okay...color me surprised!
One of my FAVORITE Wham songs covered by one of my guilty pleasures, Seether.
I actually like the song.
It's a really interesting cover.


Progress 1.30.09

Another 2 pages of HOME were worked on and edits.

I'm currently covered in Index cards again. I'm still trying to figure out my THING with Nate. Grrrr. I don't know what I'm going to do for a fault. Everything I come up with is a Cliche. Pfffft.

Took a break to go watch a few comedians. LOL Man, I'm going to miss January for that reason alone. Comedy Central has a lot of funny talent when it's Stand Up Month.

One of my favorites is Steve Byrne. Man alive does he make me laugh.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Progress 1.29.09

Ahh, woke up to MORE fucking shoveling.

And just as I'm about to finish said shoveling...oh maybe 2 feet of driveway left. Who comes up the drive? Yeah, that's right. Brother dear. GREAT freakin' timing.

Oy! Okay--got some more writing accomplished. Up to 6 pages for HOME...needs a little bit of tweaking and then it's post worthy. Tomorrow I'm playing with Nate.

That just sounds bad.
Just to remind you of what he looks like. ;)
In case you forgot. heheh


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Progress 1.28.09

So...I hate SNOW.
Truly hate it.
With like one of those long running feudal Hatfield and McCoy type hatreds.


I did get some writing done though. About 5 pages on the all together. It wasn't HOME. LOL But at least I got some writing done!

Instead me and the shovel got intimate.

We're breaking up.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Progress 1.27.09

Did quite a bit of writing today actually. Started on HOME---need another few hours and that will be postible...postable? Whateva!

Working on a special project for a gf for her that's some bonus work (non pointswise. LOL) And waiting on that same storm that Cari's waiting on. BLECH! 8-10 inches of the white stuff.



Oh--didn't open ZUMA today! WHOOOHOOO!! Good, Tara! LMAO!


Progress 1.26.09

Damn--I gotta set an alarm or I'll never get these things up by midnight. LOL

Didn't get much work accomplished today. Went through my notes for CP and talked it out with a GF. Also gave a verbal barrage of info to her about The Zoe Group. LOL She was a little startled.

Ahhhhh World Building! LOL Scares the hell out of the mere mortals out there. hehehe


And my new obsession?
EVIL obsession?


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goals Ending 2/1

Another week down---another set of goals to achieve.
I think I had a case of overkill when it came to the whole goals last week. Even unemployed I couldn't fit all that in!

Spoke with Carolynn tonight and we agreed Cross Purposes needs a freakin' OVERHAUL. The NaNo was good to get the juices flowing--but now I have to rearrange the tide. Miranda is getting a repurposing. Nate is getting an ACTUAL story and there will be a plot! YAY!

God help me. LOL

Home is on it's final stretch--about 15 chapters to go to finish that badboy. So definitely 1 chapter this week and working HARD to get a 2nd done in the Bonus portion of my goals.

Writer's Digest is holding it's Annual contest due on May 15th. It's a 4 thousand word story in any genre I like. So, I'm going to figure that out and set myself up for an outline. So--brainstorming session for that one. It's hard to write anything THAT short for me these days. So it's going to be a challenge.

It's also my SWAG - Schenectady Writer's Assistance Group goal to finish the rough before my next meeting in February.

Soooo....the hard truth in regards to goals.

Outline of CP
1 chapter Home

Bonus---1 extra chapter of Home
Mini bonus--work up idea for the WD 4k story.


Progress 1.25.09 here's Stu 'watching over' me as I work. LOL I'm deep in outline mode today. Edits for Cross Purposes are taking a turn for the better and outlining SIN/The Zoe Group.

A bit horrifying huh? LOL But there I am. Index cards, pens, postits notebooks and anything else you could think of. LOL

Goals up tonight after my meet with Carolynn.


Progress 1.24.09

Nope--no work today.
It was MY movie day. I went to see My Bloody Valentine in 3D!!
How cool was THAT?! And then THAT!! Right there!!? Yeah...Uh...*sigh* Hello!

So double time working for me tomorrow. I have to show up a certain girl that's meeting her damn BONUS goals like crazy! LOL


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Progress 1.23.09

Shoot! I'm late!
I was so into my brainstorming that I totally forgot--then went to go watch a few eps of Numb3rs and Shit it's like 3am!!

I had a great day!
I outlined the BIG BAD for The Zoe Group thanks to some help from a few friends of the UK and Kiwi persuasion! Thanks girls! YOU ROCK!!

And I revised my outline for SIN = Strength In Numbers. WOOT!!
I think the name of this book fits even MORE now based on what I've got going on.

*excited jumps*



Thursday, January 22, 2009

Progress 1.22.09 - Index Card Mania

So...I'm sitting here in the center of my bed with a notebook, two markers, a pen, scratch paper and a pile of index cards.

Purple = girls
Blue = Boys
White = things

I'm insane.

I love outlining a little too much. I think it's just an excuse to play with my Office Supply Freakdom issues.

But you know...whatever. So I'm hip deep in my outlines!

I should probably take a picture. LOL It's really a funny site to see. Maybe I will tomorrow when I drag all my shit out again.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Progress 1.21.09

Kind of a slacker daytime for me today.
Well--not so much slacker, but not home.
I just got in a little while ago. I've got my WORD doc open for some work on a story I forgot alllllll about that is due in a few days, so I'm working on that as we speak.

Posted HOME yesterday so that's in the can for the week. Tomorrow is Outline for SIN.

I went to the stationary section. *sigh* Yes, I have a problem. LOL
I like to have all my stuff for outlining. LOL
So, new notebook and a brick of Index cards to get my characters all set up.

Oh and watched Oprah today before I went out. *sigh* Got to see my BF again! I'm going to be going through suuuuch withdrawal by next week when he's no longer in the public eye! ARGH!

Anyway---great stuff on Oprah today, here's Jon's little snippet about his family and the Inauguration.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Progress 1.20.09

Well...It's one of those historic days. The Inauguration has taken over the TV. Not only in my home, but all over the world I think.

But even with all the craziness going on the TV. I did manage to finish the Chapter of HOME today. Well--just about. I'm in the middle of edits on the 9 pages I finished it up with. 1600 words today.

And back to watching Obama on a zillion different stations. LOL Pentagon channel and ABC.
I don't think I've ever been more involved in a Presidential election. I'm very excited to see if President Obama can do what he says he's going to do.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Progress 1.19.09

Had a full day of crap today. LOL Err..I mean Job Fair.

Does working on my resume for 90mins count as writing? There was a fair amount of fiction in there.

Ahem...I worked on 4300 words early this morning...and started brainstorming for a 15K story for the Writer's Digest submission for May.

Currently working on HOME. That's my late night project today. I do all my work after midnight these days. LOL


Kamikaze Mode!

Write or Die.
That's right folks! There's a little widget type thing created for the attention deprived writers out there like me that can't stay on their Word Doc Screen.

Too brilliant NOT to share.
I got this from my SWAG writer's group here in Schenectady, NY. LOL Too funny for words!

Watch out for Kamikaze mode---you gotta try it.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Change is Gonna Come

Jon Bon Jovi sings with Bettye LaVette at the Lincoln Memorial today.
It was on the We Are One celebration for President Elect, Barak Obama's Inauguration kick off.

What an AMAZING version of this song IMHO. It's been sung a million times at this point, but most notably by Sam Cooke. Jonny does loooooove Mr. Cooke. And man can he belt it out!


Weekly Goals Thru Jan 24th

Well here we go. Cari and I had a pretty fierce Crit/Chat session on Sat night and decided that we're fucking around far too much. We need to get some decisive goals going on and stop with the excuses. We'll never go anywhere if we keep TALKING about our writing. We need to do it.

Finish and submit this year for sure.

So..decisive goals is the deal of the day.

Every Sunday we'll post our goals for the week. And a daily blog post about what we did or didn't do for the day when it comes to our craft.

I have a feeling if it's in black and white, why we're not working on our edits or actually writing our novels then we'll stay on track. Helps with the whole public humiliation angle, I think. LOL

Also, because at the end of the day, Cari and I loooove to be lazy, we'll work for it. We've got a separate bonus program going in the meter on the side panel there. Each week we have a BONUS option on our list.

First Bonus is worth 5 pts.

And one OPTIONAL Bonus that's worth an extra 2 pts.

First one to 30 gets a guilt free day of lounging, watching a movie, reading a whole book if we want. Nothing that has anything to do with our Word Docs, writing or plotting and most definitely editing. LOL

Just a TARA Day or a CARI Day. we go.

GOALS Week of Jan 24, 2009:

  • 1 chapter HOME - 6+ pages
  • 2 chapter edits for Cross Purposes
  • Rough Outline of Strength In Numbers (working title)

BONUS - 2 extra chapters of Home
Opt Bonus - 1 extra chapter of edits for CP


Friday, January 16, 2009

16 Things...

Cari Quinn (crit partner extraordinaire) put this up on her blog, so I'm just going to answer mine on my own blog. ;)

1) Favorite beverage? Mt. Dew--almost all varieties--except Code Red.

2) I started writing by entertaining a childhood friend with a story about our favorite rock stars. I was oh...about 14.

3) I used to be a storyteller--see #2. I used to tell them out loud first. Then changed to paper soon afterward.

4) I'm an epic JoviHead. Even have a bit of fanfic out there. My 'first' book isn't in a drawer. The good, the bad and the ugly is on the Internet for anyone to see.

5) I've been to 3 colleges and only have an AAS in Graphic Design.

6) I finished my first NaNoWriMo right out of the gate--first year I tried it, I finished it.

7) I'm an official member of the RWA!

8) Facebook is my current addiction, with a quickly mounting obsession with blog building.

9) I've seen Dirty Dancing, literally over 100 times. My Mom and I watched it twice every weekend for just about a year. It was also the first movie that I paid to see twice in the theater.

10) I have no sense of direction. It's comedy at its best when we do roadtrips! BUT, I always make it there! GPS does help, let me tell you!

11) I'm a self taught egghead. I love the computer. I should just officially call it my BF.

12) My favorite author is Nora Roberts/JD Robb. LaNora is my inspiration. I ran out of books from her (is that possible?! LOL Well, it was back in the late 80's, she wasn't as prolific yet.) and decided to give it a go. Oy! Talk about terrible. LOL But she's the reason I picked up the pen.

13) I'm a little addicted to TV. Yeah--it's a sickness. Sexual Tension and couples that just may never be are my favorites. LOL ie. Bones. *sigh* Hellooo DB!

14) Cari and I are Rhapsody addicts. Half of our crit night is passing songs back and forth.

15) I'm petrified of the R letter. I know I have to get at least one. LOL I just don't want to see that thin little letter in the enevelope with my name on it. Bills are bad enough, man!

16) Two things I really want? To make my living as a writer and to have an office that's shaped like a tower with a wrap around desk and me in the middle with walls of books and electronics.

Okey doke--there's me! Feel free to pass the 16 around.


Now THAT's Safe Sex!

Clever and hilarious!
Can you get any BETTER!!


LaNora *sigh*

So, I've been feeling sorry for myself and very blah lately about the whole writing thing--7 mins from this woman and I'm feeling better already. I can't stress enough how much I love, adore and admire this woman. SERIOUSLY.

Babble on...

The Crazies

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