Sunday, March 29, 2009

Goals Ending 4.3.09

Okay, so I'm late. LOL
It's been a bit of a blah weekend. Oh the joys of being a woman. NOT!

Anyway--goals are simple yet complex this month. 1k words a day - shooting for 2. Cari's been kind enough to understand that the Home project is a force that I can't quite put down so she's letting me ( like the poor girl has a choice. LOL ) work on what I want as long as I write this week!


So...That's what I'm doing. WORKING. LOL

Last night I did about 2k workds! YAY! And I'm heading for at least 1500 tonight. So there we go.

In non-writing news. Cari and I have bought our first round of ticktets for our summer of concerts. LOL WE plan on 3 so far. LOL

Matt Nathanson and O.A.R. are coming around me in Saratoga at SPAC and we got 10th row seats!!!! GAH!! SO FUCKING EXCITED! LOL I went and joined O.A.R's website/fansite and low and behold they are presale tix available.
Holy! I can't wait to see my OTHER BF!

Matt's become quite the driving force in my league of obsessions.

And...I'm okay with that. ;)

Check out the Vid of the Day--He stars today!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

3.25.09 - The Writing Wall

Soo..almost met my goal tonight---did about 1300 ish words, maybe a little more, but damn.
I'm not sure they were worth the type.
I'm always psyching myself out when an important scene is coming up. *sigh*
The pivotal scenes in my LONGSTANDING story, Home are coming up. I'm determined not to cheat them, but at the same time, I don't want to stifle the characters either.

It's a different sort of balance when you're posting chapter by chapter--than when you're working on a novel. That bad boy can be changed later. The posted chapter.

Oy--it's posted.



I'm going to bed.

Okay--Vid of the day is Matt Nathanson since he got spread around through Twitter today. How could I not? ;)


Monday, March 23, 2009

3.22.09 - Shameless Crit Partner Promotion

Hey guys!

Do me a favor and go over to my crit partner, Cari Quinn's blog and read her interview with Michelle Rowan. She's a GREAT author and she's even giving away a copy of her book, Stakes and Stilettos as a little incentive if you comment.

Wasn't as productive as I'd hoped to be last night. I've got some serious catching up to do for my 14K limit for the week. Ugh. Work tonight after I get out of the RL job. NO distractions.

Even put Home on the memory stick for work. Hopefully I can get some work done on my lunch hour. *sigh*


Saturday, March 21, 2009

3.21.09 - Dads and uh...other stuff.

It's all Cari's fault. I swear it!

Now that JT and Eduardo have sufficiently caused some heart failure...I'll tell you about my day. LOL!

Today was Dad's Birthday...he would have been 65 today. Wow, can you believe it? I'm officially old enough to have a geriatric parent. Jeeeeeze, that hurts. LOL

We hung out as a family today in honor of him--even watched Babylon AD--totally a movie my Dad would have loved--and went out to dinner. It was a REALLY nice day to remember him.

Even my mom had an adult bevvy when we went out in honor of him. ;)

Working on my 2k goal today---made it to....300. Pfft. But I'll sacrifice my daily goal for a little family time. It doesn't happen every day.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Goals Ending 3/27's been quite the week.

First full week of work--and seriously, it was only training and an hour less than my normal work week at that! And...I'm dead. LOL I've never been so scattered and sleep deprived. I don't know how new mothers deal--Good GOD.

Soo...we shall endeavor to try harder this week. New goals: 2K words a day.

Not sure when, what, how much will be SIN or Home--but 2K a day is the goal. Period.

Now in fun news...I'm a little obsessed with a new band. LOL
Me? Noooooo.

The Script

It's a band that started in Ireland and seriously--Danny O'Donaghue is a great singer with that delicious black Irish look that can kill a woman at 10 paces. But it's the ecclectic flavor of their songs and music that keeps me hooked.

A pretty face is one thing.

A pretty voice---oh yeah, that's another.

Have a listen, and a look. You won't regret it.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daily 3.17.09 - The Shredder!

So....You just gotta love TWITTER. LOL! This was on the #queryfail pile for today. God, does it get any sweeter? LOL!

It's been something that's been taking over Twitter for the last few weeks, maybe? Not much more than 2 weeks. A few random editors are doing a best of the worst sort of thing. Infinitely amusing and highly educational in a slap you in the face kind of way. LOL

So--Work kinda sucks. LOL I'm getting used to the whole schedule of things. MERCY--talk about adjustment. I think I wrote 4 sentences last night before I gave up. So, tonight's much better--worked on HOME--got the first half of the chapter finished.

Hope everyone had a great St. Pats!

I have a half day for work tomorrow so I'm hoping to use the afternoon to write.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

3.14.09 - RWA & The Review of All Reviews

DA REVIEW: Knight Moves

Um...I had to start off my daily with this. Because #1--it was mentioned at my RWA meeting today by KA Mitchell and seriously...I was already half laughing at it, but then I tripped over it in another blog post from Toni Andrews. So it was fate--I had to read it.


SERIOUSLY! *insert Grey's Anatomy's Meridith voice*

I think I might have hurt a kidney or popped a rib from laughing.

Holy Freakin' AWFULNESS. It's like a train wreck, plane crash and a scene from the movie Dodgeball all in one. You can't stop reading, you can't stop laughing and at the same time you're just horrified that it's now forever a part of your life.

As a writer, it pains me to have this level of response to an author that didn't intend on having this be a satire on erotica. If it was meant to be a comedy--then Bravo! BUT--I honestly think this was supposed to be her version of great writing.

Therein lies the horror.

In other news....I had a RWA meeting today. We played a round of 'speed dating' where you talk to someone for 3mins and move on. Talk about twittering! LOL It was fun, but man 3mins goes by SUPER fast! Talked to a good 25+ authors. What a great meeting.

And--in between TWITTERING - EVIL, I'm convinced of it. LOL I managed to get a little writing done on HOME. I'm doing some writing tonight as well.

I think the review was enough comedy tonight. LOL I put up a new Video of the Day below. A little 3dd. *sigh* LOVE this song--Landing in London. I used it in the HOME soundtrack.


Goals Ending 3/20

Well--because I'm starting my first week back as a working stiff, I've kept the goals light. If I do more, good deal--but if work kicks my ass?

Better safe than failure.

Okay--so it's a 1 and 1 week. 1 Home and 1 SIN.

I've got a RWA meeting on Saturday - Not sure on the topic, but I'll post about that in my daily tomorrow and then of course my SWAG meeting. I'm officially on the chopping block.

I'm interested to see what a group of mostly SiFi/Fantasy writers thinks about my Jake and Sophie. Hmm. I'll let you know on Sunday. ;)

I've relocated my VID of the Day to the bottom of the blog so I can have a nice big video. But I might do extras in my dailies. YT is evil.

Okay--so I'm now follwing Dane Cook on Twitter and I fell back into watching his comedy. Here's some old ADD--God he's a maniac--stuff.

Oh yeah...hello hilarious. And watch 'til the end...I promise it's worth it. *snort*


Friday, March 13, 2009

Daily 3.13.09

Daily update: GOALS MET! YAY! Finished chapter 2's rough for SIN and even sent it over to Cari to have a look at. Imagine that?!

Playlist at the moment.

Meeting with Cari tonight to discuss goals for the week. I start working IRL on Monday for the first time in...oh...11 freakin' MONTHS. *sigh* So, I'll have to put that into consideration for future goals. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum even with RL sucking at me.

Now...for the Daily video.

*sigh* Okay, so this is a mix of one of my favorite shows and a REALLY great song that I'm trying to uh...procure. LOL Ahem. Scars on 45 - Beauty's Running Wild.

Danny and Lindsay are two of my favorite characters on the show. They've come through a lot of crap in the last few seasons and it was nice to see a little personal happiness in the show.

One of the best things about CSI:NY is the characters--and while I know the focus on the show is the procedural details, a little romance is good for the soul, dammit. ;)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daily 3.12.09

Progress: Working on Sin--surrounded in index cards again.
I finished Home chapter last night--so I made the 2 chapter goal WOOT!
Working on SIN---but more of a character chart for the new Jake.

Video of the day!
Stupid freakin' email--I get these email things from TVGuide and this one was actually pretty fuckin' funny. Enjoy!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daily 3.11.09

Progress---pretty good.
Worked on Home today--SIN tomorrow--I'm in the Jon zone right now, so I didn't want to move away from it. Hoping to have the chapter done by tonight.

Right now, I'm at 4 pages.


Video of the day...A new addition to my Daily Blog.

Gee...I know a few of you won't be surprised to see this one. LOL
But another one, she might just oooh and ahh into a puddle. Enjoy, Kiwi. ;)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Bald Boyfriend + A YT Frenzy

Yeah, yeah--It's a writing blog most of the time, but other guy put up a video blog and I'm soooo excited!!

Daughtry new record coming soon! WOOT! Summer record and then a tour so I can hopefully go see them again! Yay!
He wrote a song with Chad Kroeger and...wait for it.
Waaaait for it.
God, I just love a rocker that can own up to a love for Pop Icons like RM.
Also worked with Pat from Train as well as Jason from Lifehouse.
It gives me a real kick to hear stuff like this because I'm such a music whore.

Man, I love this guy.
So, I just had to blog about it.

A few favorites from those artists listed...

Lifehouse - Storm

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting

Nickelback - Someday (an oldie of theirs, but I bumped into in freakin' soulsucking YT and here it is. LOL)


Daily 3.9.09

Blah--not much happened last night, so I didn't bother blogging. Buuuut. Today was a different matter on the all around.

Even with the blue screen of death heart attack, I managed to get a chapter of Home finished. Of course I had to take a break in the middle of the chapter and back up my entire life. Hell no, I'm not losing all my shit again--that's for friggin' sure.

So--with a bit of a break, I went back to writing and finished about 9 pages/3100 words.

The above pix were my inspiration for the chapter--He's an unhappy bunny in the story right now.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daily 3.7.09

Hmmm. I wish today was as productive as yesterday, but sadly it was not.
I did do a little writing, but nothing like yesterday. Like MAYBE a page.

Tomorrow is another day....and there won't be a PARTY in my house tomorrow. LOL

Even had the Das Boooot!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Daily 3.6.09

Had a VERY productive day!
I finished redoing Ch1 of SIN and started in on the RADICAL changes of Ch2.

Boy...redefining Jake is going to require a lot of work! But I'm up for it. Jake's talking...LOUDLY.

Soo...edited 12 pages in all. WOOT!


Goals ending 3.13

Ahhhhhhh back to the grindstone.
Met with Cari earlier than normal this week so she can go play with a RL friend. *sniff*

LOL--no j/k. Have a blast Cari. Make sure to have an adult bevvy for me. ;)

So...good talk last night. We covered my trip. heeheh. *sigh*

Yeah...he is a distraction and I'm putting him in my goals post so pfffttt. LOL To remind me that I got to play last week so now I HAVE to work. (stares longingly at hot man) No! I must work. I had my fun with him at the show, then my girls on Long Beach Island for 5 days so I'm rejuvenated!

So rejuvenated that I totally went nuts with my goals.

2 Chapters of HOME and 2 Chapters of SIN to be completed this week. Time to work, work, work! (stares longingly at my pretend BF) Work!
I'm off and running.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Author

So....I love me some Dear Author, but this post had me ROLLING.

The review is to be done in a Haiku style and seriously.

It just caused a laugh out loud, startle your neighbor kind of laugh. It really has to be read.


LaNora *sigh*

So, I've been feeling sorry for myself and very blah lately about the whole writing thing--7 mins from this woman and I'm feeling better already. I can't stress enough how much I love, adore and admire this woman. SERIOUSLY.

Babble on...

The Crazies

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