Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Progress 1.21.09

Kind of a slacker daytime for me today.
Well--not so much slacker, but not home.
I just got in a little while ago. I've got my WORD doc open for some work on a story I forgot alllllll about that is due in a few days, so I'm working on that as we speak.

Posted HOME yesterday so that's in the can for the week. Tomorrow is Outline for SIN.

I went to the stationary section. *sigh* Yes, I have a problem. LOL
I like to have all my stuff for outlining. LOL
So, new notebook and a brick of Index cards to get my characters all set up.

Oh and watched Oprah today before I went out. *sigh* Got to see my BF again! I'm going to be going through suuuuch withdrawal by next week when he's no longer in the public eye! ARGH!

Anyway---great stuff on Oprah today, here's Jon's little snippet about his family and the Inauguration.


Cari Quinn January 22, 2009 at 12:06 AM  

Way to go! I need to get caught up on Home, and you knowww how much I'm looking forward to reading the revised SIN. And stationery... *sigh*

Who knew we could be so productive with just a few concrete goals? LOL Although I'm gonna need No-Doze tomorrow. Gotta be up at 6. Blech.

One more wooooohooo for us! :)

SoulGirl January 22, 2009 at 1:03 AM  

LMAO not a whole NEW set of cards and notebooks?! LOL you will be in your element here, LMAO.Is ok -- you're still making good progress, only week one and you're doin real good!

Neurotic January 22, 2009 at 3:52 AM  

I can't wait for new SIN. I miss Sophie alot and the itch to figure her out is screaming at me.

I have a similar problem with sketch pads and coloring pens... I go through 2 pads a week lol

Not fair that you got to see HRH for an entire HOUR and all I got was a lousy 30 minute snippet where he looked like a good civilized citizen. But only 32 days till we will see him in the flesh and hopefully be close enough to smell the sweat. Don't care if that is too gross!

Back to work for this geek.

SoulGirl January 22, 2009 at 1:17 PM  

I love Sin too - and can't wait to see the beefed up changes you make, and yeah I'll publically admit I have a Donovan obsession. lol.

LaNora *sigh*

So, I've been feeling sorry for myself and very blah lately about the whole writing thing--7 mins from this woman and I'm feeling better already. I can't stress enough how much I love, adore and admire this woman. SERIOUSLY.

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