Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Goals Ending 2/13

And here we go--it's that time again! WEEKLY GOALS WITH TARA.
Aren't you excited?


Okay, so Cari and I have officially chosen a new night for Crit Night so I'll be doing my weekly goals through Friday now. We also discussed--at length, the choices we make as authors and our path to possible (probable dammit! shhhhhhhhhhhh voice in my head) publication.

While we want to do what's most prudent to get published, we also need to write what focuses on our true voice. Stifling ourselves into a market for the sake of the easy route into one of those pretty acceptance letters doesn't necessarily make it correct for a writer in the end. So, with that thought in mind, I've made the decision to shelve Nate and Miranda for now and focus on the Paranormal Nocturne (or even Samhain ePub) series The Zoe Group.

Nate and Miranda have a great story in my head, but I really want to make a go of the Paranormal field. It's what I read, what I enjoy and what interests me above all else at the moment. It will stretch my imagination, my writing skills and my craft. I might fail, but at least I believe in these characters with all my heart. And that's the important part. That's why I started writing in the first place.

Not to fit myself into a mold, but to let my voice speak for me. Para is where I am now and I rather like it, dammit.


10 pages of Jake and Sophie/Strength in Numbers aka SIN
2hrs daily--turn off internet and work on my writing.
1 Chapter of HOME

Extra: 1 Chapter of HOME

Bonus: work on WD project - need storyline argh!


Cari Quinn February 9, 2009 at 1:27 AM  

I love when your posts double as a lecture to me. LOL

You rock, gf. If I don't say it all the time, I'm always thinking it. :)

We can do this!

SoulGirl February 9, 2009 at 1:54 PM  

Ohhhh so pleased you're starting SIN! :) I am looking forward to seeing the re-vamp! And good for you recognizing that this is your voice right for the minute. Well done. :)

And Home -- I'm excited too now, LOL...

Good luck and the internet goal is much better, LOL.


LaNora *sigh*

So, I've been feeling sorry for myself and very blah lately about the whole writing thing--7 mins from this woman and I'm feeling better already. I can't stress enough how much I love, adore and admire this woman. SERIOUSLY.

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